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Fresh Chicken At Valley Cold Store

Valley Group of industries is a prominent name in the poultry industry. From the production of pellet feeds for poultry to hatching commercial chicken to raising them in poultry farms and ultimately processing them as ready-to-eat meat, the Valley group does it all. 

Valley group has its own agro feed production industries that produce tons of pellet feeds for different species of poultries, like layers, broilers, starters, turkeys, ostriches, and many more. Our own hatcheries produce thousands of one-day-old commercial chickens and avail them in the market. 

Our poultry farms raise thousands of chickens in a way that reduces environmental impacts. Our birds are healthy and hygienic. They are then processed by our semi-automated plants at the rate of 2000 chickens per hour. 

The chicken and chicken parts are then packaged according to different categories like drumsticks, sausages, fresh chicken parts, livers, gizzards, breasts, leg pieces, wings, and many more processed items. 

At Valley Cold Store, you get only the fresh and the best for what you pay for.

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