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Valley Cold Store was formed in 2037 B. S (1980 A. D) when the pioneering trio of Late Mr. Shreekrishna Prasad Ghimire , Mr. Hari Krishna Rawal and Mr. Sanubabu Bindukar came together and decided to bring value driven positive changes in the poultry industry of Nepal. Back then, poultry products were more associated with hotels and restaurants rather than being a household product and the industry was plagued with a lack of awareness of the benefits of chicken consumption in Nepal.


Our Mission

"Our mission is to be a household name for premium-quality food products with impeccable taste, and exceptional services at affordable price."

Our Vision

"To build the legacy of bringing unmatched healthier and fresher quality protein, day in and day out to every consumer, empowering the nation with prosperous health and happiness."

Why Valley COld Store

Valley Cold Store has piloted the birth of Valley Group which has multiple strategic units under its umbrella today. We have always aspired to create value for our consumers, channel partners and other stakeholders by promoting healthier meat and non-meat products through our stat.


Fresh From Farm

Valley Cold Store believes in providing hygienic and fresh meat products for its utmost food quality. We breed chicks in our own eco-friendly breeding farms and hatcheries to maintain the quality and standard of the poultry farming with balanced nutritional feed produced by our own state of the art feed plant(s).

The chicken products at Valley Cold Store are well processed in their own semi-automatic slaughterhouse maintaining a cold chain and well packaged to retain their quality for a defined period.


Affordable Pricing

We believe in offering quality products at affordable and competitive price. With us, you get the best for the price you pay. 

Available In Nearby Stores

Valley Cold Store has a robust network of stores in and outside the Kathmandu valley. Our aim is to leverage our store network and reduce the overall supply chain period of farm to doorstep so that our products reach you fresher and healthier. You can visit the nearest store/marts and choose from our wide range of products. We aim at increasing our outlets in many different areas to serve you in the days to come. 


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